New Eden’s Best / BEST.
We Are A Real Life First Corp (Nothing Is Mandatory)
We are a NullSec corporation


  • No Skill Point Requirement ./ Mature 18+ Corp.
  • Comms.
  • Be Active
  • Interviews are Required.
  • There is an 8 Strategic pap Minimum.
  • 60% Kill efficiency.
  • New Players Accepted based on Interveiw

Trial Period.

We know that choosing a corp can be a daunting issue, so we offer all potential members a weeks trial, join us, take the week, join the ops, see how you get on, if u don’t like it, you can simply leave and we will happily give you a recommendation to any CEO who requests from us about yourselves, what do you have to loose? Take the trial.

  • We understand that while eve is life, real life comes first and feel we would be a great fit for those that also understand this important fact.
  • We are a growing corporation with many plans for the future, and room for all different varieties of people and personalities..
  • We will also provide you with fully fitted Destroyers to run PvP ops with.
  • In BEST. we believe in small fleets and their effectiveness. We enjoy taking out smaller corp fleets with between 5 to 20 people and harvesting the salt of our enemies. We have fleets for the fun of it, sometimes we win sometimes we lose, in the end all fleets are a success if we want to go out again. PvP for our corp is about the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of the kill.

So, this is BEST. No hidden agenda, You know what we offer and what you are signing up for.

If New Eden’s Best sounds like fun to you, check out our recruitment page.

Join “BEST.-PUBLIC”  Our in-game public channel, If we aren’t what your interested in thank for the read and fly safe.